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1. This is not an anti-slash community. Please do not post rants against slash or against Silent Hill slash here. Het stories which include slash themes are welcome. For your slash and femslash needs, try shslash and sh_femslash. And to read and archive Silent Hill fanfiction of all varieties, please check out The Silent Hill Fanfiction Archive.

2. This is for anything het-related, from "Harry and Cybil share a moment in the midst of insanity" to "Pyramid Head and a bunch of zombie nurses in the Brookhaven Hospital broom closet." Fic, art, meta, icons... whatever strikes your fancy. And gen is also welcome!

3. Please do not, however, post explicit material involving children.

4. Be prepared to find disturbing material here. However, when posting please give a rating and use basic warnings. Dark and violent themes can be assumed, but please warn for anything especially disturbing (e.g. non-consensual sex), even if it could/did happen in canon. Kink, including extreme kink, is great; just use common sense about warning for it.

5. LJ-cut everything, especially if it is explicit or contains major spoilers. (Not everyone has played every game.) Mods cannot edit posts so if you don't LJ-cut I will have to remove your post and ask you to re-post.

6. Please friends-lock any NC-17 material in addition to labeling it. Also friends-lock any links to downloads or fanvids.

7. Any Silent Hill canon, including the movie, is allowed. Alternate universe, original characters and cross-overs are also allowed. (But if Pyramid Head falls in love with your Mary Sue, be prepared for harsh concrit.)

8. Please feel free to spam this place with lots of Heather/Douglas.

9. It goes without saying, but don't flame, bash, or be a jerk or a troll. Concrit and discussion are great, but always keep in mind that this is Silent Hill and there's room for any number of weird and wonderful opinions.

10. Your mod is rosehiptea. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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